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About Me


Wow…Have you ever ventured down an unexpected path and it gave you a feeling of pure joy?  It happened to me! After a grueling 2020, and by pure chance, I met another independent rep, who introduced me and gave me an opportunity to learn a whole new world of beautiful products available to the Trade and I have just fallen in love with everything about the industry!  I have been able to spend the last two years getting to know some of the most amazing and creative designers, and work with some of the most amazing products, and learn from one of the best reps out there, so as the world turns and our lives evolve, I came to a fork in the road.  Do I head back to corporate America in marketing and sales, or do I take a leap of faith and keep on a path where I get to work with interior designers and gorgeous products and for me, the answer was easy!


So welcome to Curated And…CA, my name is Candice Anne, so it just seemed fitting.  And, the “AND…” is coming later…Stay tuned!  


My partner in life, Tod, and I own a pool service company, another change that happened to us after 2020.  I have two kidos, a 21-year-old son, Stephen, working his way through cyber security classes and a daughter, Hannah, getting ready to head to the Antarctic of Arizona next year, otherwise known as Flagstaff.  I am sure I will sprinkle in some more about my life and likely your designs (because I just love them), on my IG account, where you can follow here.


One of the aspects I learned in my experience the last two years was how important it is to team up with companies who stand behind their products, I want to know who I am representing – like really know them, will they back their product, are they open to collaboration (I love to share feedback from designers), are their operations smooth and are they innovative and I think I have found that in these companies.


What I learned by working with designers is there is no hard and fast rule…You are all different, thank goodness for that, otherwise we’d be living in cookie cutter homes forever.  I understand business and those last minute opportunities you might have with a new client so throw me a curve ball at 5pm on a Friday!  My answer will always be “How can I help?”

Keleen CC (6).png
Keleen CC (6).png

Some of My Favorites

Pets: Two kitties, named Milo and Keller.  Keller is our blind girl, who still seems to be able to chase butterflies without seeing them.  Milo is her big brother that picks on her but becomes extremely concerned about her if she is a bit stressed

Hobbies: I use to refinish furniture.  I have slowed down on that but will still knock out a piece here and there. 

Pastime:  Is that the same as hobbies?  Golf! Tod and I love to golf. 

Guilty Pleasure: Magazines!  I have an addiction.

Favorite Quote

‘I save my carbs for wine, it's called priorities.’


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